Landmarks in Economic Thinking - Executive Concentration

Landmarks in Economic Thinking - Executive Concentration

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Landmarks in Economic Thinking Certificate


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The Landmarks in Economic Thinking course covers some of the most important thinking in the history of economics through the lens of three great economists and their seminal works: Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations (1776); Alfred Marshall and his Principals of Economics (1890); and John Maynard Keynes and The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936).

The insights of these thinkers provide a framework for understanding risk aversion, government intervention, and the free-market economy, and form the basis of modern-day economic policy.

You will explore the various elements of each thinker’s economic theories, from Smith’s labor theory of value, to Marshall’s methodology of economics, and Keynes’ theories on wages and spending, and monetary and fiscal policy. You will also examine the relationship between the wage rate and profit, arguments against intervention and for free trade, welfare economics, interest rates, and the “multiplier effect.”

The Certificate will also introduce you to the Cambridge School of Economics and its key features, including limits, exceptions to laissez-faire and eclecticism, and the professionalisation of economics.

Learning Outcomes

The life, works and legacies of economists Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall, and John Maynard Keynes. 

Smith’s thinking on income distribution and growth, market forces, and the “invisible hand”. 

Views held by Marshall and Keynes on the process of economic development. 

Key aspects of economic theory according to Marshall and Keynes. 

Key features of the Cambridge School of Economics. 

Smith’s theory of money and prices. 

Who will you learn with?

Murray  Milgate

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What is an Executive Concentration?

Executive Concentration is a collection of 3 modules with a duration of 12 weeks. These Executive Concentration courses are created from modules included in complete Master's degrees, guaranteeing a high quality of teaching.

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The Executive Concentration courses differ, but on average the duration is 12 weeks.

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