Fundamentals of Finance - Executive Concentration

Fundamentals of Finance - Executive Concentration

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Fundamentals of Finance


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As the financial manager acts as an intermediary between the firm’s operations and financial markets, this course considers the financial system, financial markets, and the role of investors as well as of financial managers. Thus, this certificate in Fundamentals of Finance is an introductory course that covers financial theory as well as the application of financial models and instruments. We will discuss the main concepts of modern finance and demonstrate their application through case studies and real-life examples.

Learning Outcomes

Describe the general objectives and the main instruments used in finance.

Explain the concepts “time value of money” and “opportunity cost of capital”.

Calculate and interpret present values, net present values, and internal rates of return.

Evaluate common stocks (equity) and straight bonds (debt).

Explain the trade-off between risk and return, and calculate the company cost of capital.

Evaluate a whole firm using discounted cash flow analysis or multiples.

Describe and value basic derivatives (options, futures, and swaps).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Executive Concentration?

Executive Concentration is a collection of 3 modules with a duration of 12 weeks. These Executive Concentration courses are created from modules included in complete Master's degrees, guaranteeing a high quality of teaching.

What is the duration of an Executive Concentration?

The Executive Concentration courses differ, but on average the duration is 12 weeks.

What are the entry requirements for the Executive Concentration courses?

The courses are open enrolment, which means that there are no entry requirements in order to study. However, we would recommend that you have a broad understanding of business in order to get the most out of the courses.

Will my Executive Concentration be certified?

Yes, when you complete an Executive Concentration course you will receive certification.

Do I have to enrol at a particular time in order to start an Executive Concentration?

No, Executive Concentration courses are self-managed, and you can enrol at any time. You can study as and when your schedule and lifestyle allows.

Are all Executive Concentration courses online?

Yes, the Executive Concentration courses are fully online.

How can I see which Executive Concentration courses are available?

You can view our full portfolio of Executive Concentration courses here.