Sustainable Development and Management - Executive Concentration

Sustainable Development and Management
Sustainable Development and Management - Executive Concentration

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Sustainable Development and Management Certificate


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In a world of finite resources, meeting our future needs depends on balancing the social, economic, and environmental goals of today.

This course provides a broad understanding of the concepts and principles of sustainable development and its management in the context of businesses and commercial enterprises, exploring the strategies that companies can deploy to become sustainable businesses with a positive impact on society.

You will consider what the future of business could look like, and will learn about the ecosystem, natural capitalism, corporate social responsibility, innovation, responsible finance, and metrics of sustainability.

You will also explore the increasingly important concept of the circular economy, a regenerative economic structure focused on socio-economic financial effectiveness. You will learn about the principal aspects of sustainability and its current and future applications in commercial enterprises.

From corporate executives to start up entrepreneurs, this course is highly relevant to a wide range of progressive thinkers across diverse professional contexts.

Learning Outcomes

Explain the principles of sustainability in a business context, differentiating greenwashing from sustainable development management. 

Identify and describe the principles of sustainable development. 

Recognise opportunities for sustainable economic practices in the workplace with an emphasis on innovation.

Who will you learn with?

Mark Esposito

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Executive Concentration?

Executive Concentration is a collection of 3 modules with a duration of 12 weeks. These Executive Concentration courses are created from modules included in complete Master's degrees, guaranteeing a high quality of teaching.

What is the duration of an Executive Concentration?

The Executive Concentration courses differ, but on average the duration is 12 weeks.

What are the entry requirements for the Executive Concentration courses?

The courses are open enrolment, which means that there are no entry requirements in order to study. However, we would recommend that you have a broad understanding of business in order to get the most out of the courses.

Will my Executive Concentration be certified?

Yes, when you complete an Executive Concentration course you will receive certification.

Do I have to enrol at a particular time in order to start an Executive Concentration?

No, Executive Concentration courses are self-managed, and you can enrol at any time. You can study as and when your schedule and lifestyle allows.

Are all Executive Concentration courses online?

Yes, the Executive Concentration courses are fully online.

How can I see which Executive Concentration courses are available?

You can view our full portfolio of Executive Concentration courses here.